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September 1938 - England     Heston Airph Prime Minister said “Peace In Our Time” .

This is the spirit of optimism that characterises PCIOT.

PC In Our Time.

The name orginated as a bit of a joke, just prior to the Y2K debacle. What could possible go wrong? 

Plenty as it turned out, but most scenarios had been accomodated and the much feared disasters such as aeroplanes falling from the sky was revealed to be just scare mongering and/or paranoia. 

However, this paranoia continues to this day over the use of hetrogenous systems (i.e. Apple,Linux and Microsoft) in a production environment. Let's have Peace in our time!

It seems sensible to us to utilise the most appropriate technology for the job in hand. Which is why we embrace both Open Source initiatives such as Linux and the proprietry work exemplified by Microsoft and others.

Microsoft Excellence

Make no mistake about it Microsoft make some excellent software - Outlook / Exchange partnership offers exceptionally well designed group communications. For truly rapid application development requiring database functionality MS Access is very difficult to beat. 

Open Source Prudence

But I hear many clients explain...

"All I want is to be able to do is use email and the internet, word processing and a spreadsheet or two. Oh and play Freecell" 

In which case why spend £300 pounds on proprietry licences when a Linux desktop would provide all that for no cost.

An Enterprise agreement for proprietry software makes it a specious argument, however the technologies can compete on merit.

PC In our Time (aka PCIOT) is a company dedicated to providing timely cost effective IT solutions. We specialise in a policy of appeasment, bringing you affordable PC technology to you when you want it.

For IT solutions requiring detailed understanding of Microsoft Operating Systems, Visual Studio(VB,VBA et al), Internet technologies and UNIX/Linux based systems.

Linux - Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu



Crossover Office

Open Office



Microsoft (2000, XP, 2003)



MS Access

MS SQL Server 6.5~2000

MS Visual Basic (6.0)


TCP/IP Networks Lan/Wan/VPN


Please email : for more information or Ring 00 44 - (0)1508 - 550015