helping you help yourselves

September 1938 - England Heston Airfield
Neville Chamberlain the then Prime Minister said “I think it is Peace for our time” .
He clearly got that wrong, but this is the spirit of optimism that characterises pciot.



Green screen appliction for managing the R&D data of an international engineering company.
Written in Sculptor and running on SCO unix

COBOL applications for managing timetabling at for Education Authorities.
Running on custom hardware and customized minix


When the Internet was still dial-up, and home computers were still in their infancy pciot was created to :
a) Feed the children and keep a roof over our heads.
b) Help those in the local community who felt left behind using this new technology.
c) Embrace the new world of linked ideas.
d) Personal Computing in our time - when it is mutually suitable.

Windows everywhere at the end of the decade, which helped pciot deliver Barclays business of the year 2000 to the national emergency re-glazing company we were contracted to.
A national network of depots linked via ISDN to provide centralised reporting to the insurance industry who were underwriting the work done


And then some... it would be a good thing to have some political and financial accountablility among the generals of those professions.imnsho

Since then pciot has gone on to work on some very exciting international projects run by companies as diverse as Fuji and Ford... who sound a little like a firm of Hong Kong solicitors
We have also tinkered with raspberry pis and other tech!.


Well I don't know what to say about that, except perhaps to quote Sheriff Bell in Cormac McCarthy's 'No Country for Old Men'
'If this aint a mess, it will do until one gets here'

Reference Work Ford / New Holland Suffolk LEA HMSO FIAT Agri BBC Highway Glass & Locks Seastar Superbikes Grolier Ltd PC In Our Time Ltd. PC based business systems - Networks, Databases, Intra/Internet sites - Microsoft/Linux Integration Trade Tools
vim,php,bash,cron,sql,javascript,macbookpro,vmware, virtualbox,Windows10,Windows7,Amazon computing,debian, red hat linux


Fintec is not prosthetics for pool atheletes, instead it is the categorisation of companies that use technology to provide advantage within the financial market place.
We spent sometime working on decision engines that would attempt to predict a prospective customer's behavior subsequent to a successful loan application.
It is quite scary what information may be gleaned from the data that is made available by credit reference agencies

In a world drenched in social media and instant communications it is easier than ever to be taken in by companies purporting to offer the answer to becoming the next internet sensation. The truth is that it is still essential to cover the basics.
A good idea, and a top class website will still not work well unless the back end of the business is solid.
If we look at the success of Amazon in the marketplace, they were not only one of the first into the scene, but have backed it up by quite extraordinary levels of delivery and customer service.

By using the work of other open source developers we stand on the shoulders of giants.
Isaac Newton once said as much, although not of open source software.

If you have the bases covered in terms of your business; and you want to benefit from the leverage available from some serious computing power, and the world wide marketplace of the internet. Contact Us

We can provide advice and services in areas of infrastructure architecture, data warehousing, disaster recovery and business continuity.
We can build your website, integrate your product catalogue to you business management system and feed it to your customers mobile phone.
We can optimize your data, integrate your social media, move to the cloud..


Faster more reliable networks mean cloudbased systems is pretty much a given, even in the rural backwaters of Norfolk, England.
Amazon were pretty much first on the scene - providing much of the muscle behind such behemoths as Netflix etc.
Microsoft are a bit late on the scene but make up for that with their tight integration to their products.
Google are also in the fight for meterological dominance in that cloudspace.

Cloud provides the infrastructure, but the end point of the information highway is perhaps tablet, phone, car, pc or laptop.
Modelling data in a way to make the information useful and accessible is part of what we enjoy about the business.
Contrary to popular opinion, this area of the industry is quite creative, and it continues to impress us how patterns can be deduced from big data - using Hadoop or other analysis software

Sooth saying isn't our business - but before going with the flow with the next software sales pitch, consider this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying proprietry software, but it has been developed at least in part to ensure the company enjoys continued revenues.
Open source continues to be developed purely because people wish to improve it. It is Darwinian in the way it is developed; influenced by improvements alone rather than revenue generating initiatives, which may or may not be in the end user's best interest.